Administrator Openings

Hi! I'm here today to address the an exciting opportunity for wikia users! Currently, I am the only administrator on the Troye Sivan Wikia. As this community has grown over time, it's become more and more difficult for just one person to run it. I'm looking for three other administrators (a maximum of six). As an administrator, you will be able to protect pages and files, block harmful users, alter the appearance of the Wikia by editing Wiki skin and MediaWiki pages, and will have access to protected pages. You will also be responsible for answering users' questions, reprimanding ill-mannered users, and assist other staff members monitor content and forums, clean up poorly-written articles, and revert vandalism. To learn more about the position of administrator, click here. If you're interested in applying, please fill out the Administrator Application Form (which can be found here) and submit your application in the comments section. Until all three spots have been filled, you will be guarenteed a position if you apply.
Update: All three administrator positions have been filled since writing this post, so the administrator applications are officially closed.